Cabinet Hardware – It Can Help Sell Your Home

If you are like most home sellers, you are seeing that for every day your home doesn’t sell, there is another for sale sign going up in the neighborhood. Between record foreclosures and many people who are trying to get out of their adjustable rate mortgages, before they are in the list of foreclosures, there is a glut of homes on the market. So, how do you make yours stand out?

First, you need to keep get in the mindset of those who are going to move into your home. They want a place they can call their own. They want a house they can ‘see’ as theirs in the future. And one of the main places they are going to base their decision off is your kitchen.

While you are likely not going to gut your kitchen and try to create a dream kitchen for prospective buyers, there are some simple tricks that may help your kitchen be more inviting than the one next door. Your choice in cabinet hardware is often the key to making someone fall in love with a kitchen. There are a few reasons for this.

First, cabinet hardware can be a bold addition to the cabinetry. As a matter of fact, instead of having to redo all the cabinets, finding some trendy, fashionable knobs and pulls may make your whole kitchen look newer and more modern when prospective buyers come to look at your home.

Many people don’t believe cabinet hardware can make that much of a difference. But, a change out of a few knobs and pulls can have a major impact, changing the whole feel of a room.

So, what should you look for in cabinet hardware? Well, you want to make sure the pieces you choose are those that a new buyer can live with. Think of the time you moved into your home. You were hit by so many taxes, fees, and other financial statements you weren’t expecting, that you were stuck, for some time, with things they way they were in the home. This is what many buyers are thinking. They know they will be strapped for cash as they move in, so they want the home to be something they can live with and are comfortable with for some time to come. This means you need to select cabinet hardware that will allow them to feel that way.

Many people go overboard, falling in love with decorative knobs and pulls, and redoing their kitchen with a theme. While sunflower cabinet hardware may be cute, only a small part of the population is going to fall in love with it as you did. That means you are automatically sending those other potential buyers away. That’s something you can’t afford to do. Instead, go for something attractive, but not too overstated. If you aren’t sure what to try, talk to your real estate agent or even get a little interior decorating advice from television or any of the many magazines that keep up with the trends in knobs and pulls and other home décor accents.