Bathroom Furnishing and Decoration Tips

The bathroom is a place where you and your family members will spend a lot of time in. Many homeowners are starting to place a lot of emphasis on bathroom design. After all, they want to come home to a comfortable looking bathroom after a hard day at work. Besides, a home with a well designed bathroom is always worth more. Here are some furnishing and decoration tips to achieve your ideal bathroom design.

Tip 1: Getting measurements right.

Don’t start off by browsing catalogs. There are tons of options to choose from. Always have your measurements ready so that you know, at the back of your mind, what designs can be fitted into your bathroom, and what can’t.

Tip 2: Individual preferences matter.

If you are making decisions jointly with your spouse, try to spend some time browsing through existing designs to get a feel of what each other is looking for. For example, do you prefer a more traditional look? Does your partner prefer a more modern look? If both of you have got differing tastes, then you need to sit down with your spouse to come to some kind of middle ground. If you proceed without ironing out your differences, the process will surely be hindered by disagreements.

Tip 3: Settling on a preferred style.

Settling on a preferred style makes your decision much easier. For instance, if you have already decided on a traditional look, then you can start looking a traditional vanities such as the Carrara marble top or the granite top. Traditional designs are usually preferred by more mature homeowners.

However, if you prefer modern bathroom vanities, the wall mounted vanities may be just what you are looking for. Such vanities give the illusion that you have a bigger bathroom. That is because there are no supporting legs for the vanities and they seem to be floating in mid air! The designs are sleek and simple, and you can be sure that younger home owners will love the modern looks.

Glass vanities look extremely elegant and posh. They give a look of luxury and the designs are usually rather different. The entire look and feel of the bathroom will be different from the other vanity designs. Glass vanities can be ideal if you are looking for a resort look.

Sometimes, during the morning rush, everybody wants to use the bathroom. You can speed things up by having a double vanity in the bathroom. For instance, if you have two children both going to school at the same time, they can brush their teeth side by side instead of having to wait for one to finish. In other words, besides the looks, double vanities also serve a very practical purpose.